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Download textbooks pdf files You Are Magical 9780738756806 FB2 iBook

You Are Magical by Tess Whitehurst

Download textbooks pdf files You Are Magical 9780738756806 FB2 iBook

Download You Are Magical PDF



  • You Are Magical
  • Tess Whitehurst
  • Page: 240
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9780738756806
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.


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Download textbooks pdf files You Are Magical 9780738756806 FB2 iBook


You Are Magical by Tess Whitehurst Answer the Call . . . Since you were a child, you've heard the ancient, mesmerizing siren song of your inherent spiritual power. When you grew up, you never dismissed the idea that there's power at your fingertips—power you can use for crafting your world to match your desires. You've always felt that because you are magical. With dozens of spells for every major purpose, You Are Magical shows you how to fully embrace your spirituality and create positive change in yourself and the world. You'll discover the legacy of your magic, how it's uniquely yours, and exactly what ingredients and steps you need to craft a truly magnificent life. This practical and profoundly inspiring guide empowers you to become the person you were born to be: a magical agent of change who is connected with nature, the cosmos, and All That Is. Tess Whitehurst teaches magical and intuitive arts in live workshops and via her online community and learning hub, the Good Vibe Tribe Online School of Magical Arts. An award-winning author, she's written eight books, which have been translated into eighteen languages. Tess has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out as well as morning shows on both Fox and NBC, and she has contributed articles to Writer's Digest, Spirit & Destiny (UK), and She lives in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, Colorado. Visit her online at "Every time I sit down with a book by Tess Whitehurst, I know I'm in for something special and You Are Magical does not disappoint! Tess shows us how to kick things up and find our own magic! Her deep knowledge and radiant love for magic is contagious!"—Jodi Livon, author of The Happy Medium® book series "For all who seek to unlock the very real magic within, Tess Whitehurst offers not just one key, but an entire golden key ring that opens the sacred mysteries of life and love. A generous and perceptive book!"—Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from the Divine and The Intuitive Path "I've been working on incorporating a little more magic and ritual into my life since I finished grad school, so I was excited to see this book. It has a little bit of everything, from brief touches on the history of Earth-based spiritual practices to ways to make the everyday a little more magical."—Book Riot

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